New York

There are lots of things to tell you. There are people and buildings and bright lights everywhere. I went to the cloisters in the north of the city and they are the loveliest thing in the world. But now I am off to the met. See you!


6 thoughts on “New York

  1. Lucky old you, I hope you enjoyed the Met. I love New York City I always feel alive when I’m there, so much hustle and bustle and the lights and the river. I used to work in the Animal Medical Centre down near the East River in a veterinary radiographer incarnation in the dim and distant past, and I lived in Greenwich Village near the Fillmore East. (you have to be old to know about that I think). Think 60s, hippies etc.

  2. thanks guys! this was my first time in new york.

    yep – the cloisters is in new york and is actually part of the met, but it’s way in the north of the city and you have to walk through a beautiful park to get there.

    yes fifi it’s pretty funny how it’s all just transplanted there. but all placed together like that it’s just so pretty – almost better than the real thing.

  3. Yes and also interesting is the way in which there is that kind of slippage, between letting yourself slip entirely into the place, as you might in say, France, immerse yourself as you would in such a place, and then pulling back every so often.

    It IS kind of better than the real thing: it’s so humanised, accessible, yet authentic. That’s just the wonder of Americanness: that they have managed to make it just so. And I do remember being surprised and mesmerised by the unicorn tapestry. It was unexpected. LOVELY.

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