Words and harbours

The painted harbour huddles against the grey. Now I know why they choose these colours. My brain will be word-befuddled by the end of the day, so I thought I’d write now, before I get started. We have been working hard and writing lots. My introduction will have grown from a scrappy 5,500 words on Monday to a much more respectable 10,000 words tomorrow, if I keep the pace up. Can I say though, that it is much nicer working from 5000 words than from none at all. Especially when they are scrawled with helpful comments. M has been busy too – conference papers and workshops and teaching preparation on the other side of the country and not one but three (successful!) funding proposals. I’m in the wrong business.

Introduction-writing certainly is a curious thing. I’m slowly beginning to understand what it is I’ve been doing for the past three years, and how it fits into the broader scheme of things. And I’m thinking that I’ve come up with some interesting stuff. Not earth-shattering, but interesting all the same. And maybe it will make a book of some sort, in the end. We shall see. Been feeling much happier about writing it since my England trip. I’m happier to take it one piece at a time, rather than stressing that it’s not all there yet and it’s not perfect. I’m finding I work to a rhythm – an hour or an hour and a half on, then half an hour off. (Or more, depending…) There is a way of building distractions and lapses of concentration into progress, rather than letting them sabotage it. Anyway, better stop writing about writing, and get back to the real deal.

In other news, we’ve been watching Stephen Poliakoff in the evenings (thanks for the tip Kirsty!). We loved Shooting the Past but our favourite so far is Perfect Strangers. It made me cry. I’m still a bit in love with Timothy Spall. And I have a new favourite Norwegian chocolate – Walters Mandler (the as always seriously creamy utterly delicious Freia milk chocolate, blended with fragments of roasted, salted, caramelized almonds. Swoon…). We’re off to New York on Saturday – hooray hooray hooray!


7 thoughts on “Words and harbours

  1. The chocolate sounds absolutely fantastic, I’m swooning over roasted salted almonds and chocolate. I’m drooling even.
    I’m about to get back to writing after working (in paid work) for 6 days on the trot. It takes a while to get back into the flow but then I’ll have about two-three weeks of solid PhD work before I have to address mammon again.
    I’ve got some teaching tutorials as well beginning in November.
    My granddaughter Jeorgia has now come to live with us while she does an Equine studies course, so that’s been a little distracting over the last couple of weeks, but she’s settled in now and we’ve managed to get into a routine.
    Got to fill in some forms now and try and look at my tax return, don’t like being a grown-up at all.
    You’re right you have to build distractions into your writing schedule or else they sabotage it completely.
    Happy writing!!! Have a great time in New York, I envy you completely!

  2. mmmmm, the chocolate is to die for – i’m on rations!

    glad you’re settling into a new routine. good luck with the teaching – i’m sure you’ll love it and be great at it. x

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