The Beautiful Brotherton

Just to see if I can generate a bit more nostalgia for Leeds in certain readers… Here’s the chestnut tree in front of our red brick terraced English department, looking gorgeous as usual. And here is the beautiful Brotherton Library.

I love love love this library. It has all a library should: marble pillars, high ceilings, parketry floors, natural light. And thousands of books, including obscure Australian journals. It’s perfect just at the moment because the undergraduates haven’t come back yet. Here’s the view from my perch in the Australian literature section.

I had a great four days in Leeds – reading in the library, meeting up with my supervisor, and catching up with lots of lovely ladies with whom I have lived or studied or both over the past five years. And – er – a bit of shopping. Supervisor says thesis is on track to be finished before Christmas (even taking into account my secret and time-consuming plans soon to be revealed). He says it’s been downhill since I was fifteen months in, and all that’s left to do is the last bit of the downhill. Which I imagine will be quite painful none-the-less, but he did a good job at diffusing my terror…

And thank you thank you thank you to my cousin in London who always lets me sleep on his floor, and Vic who let me stay all week.

After boarding two trains, a bus, a plane, a car and a ferry, I’m back in Norway with my favourite person. Bliss.

4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Brotherton

  1. *drools* Yes, the Brotherton has to be my favourite library. I also love the one at the University of Oxford, but that would mainly be because I felt connected to the authors I was reading about…

    I miss the Brotherton!!!! So many undergraduates take it for granted. I know I felt like an old lady telling them to be quiet when I was trying to work haha

  2. yes it is a very lovely place… not so much during exam season though, when you can hardly find a spare seat and it’s crammed with undergraduates whispering, playing with their mobiles and eating crisps, as car will confirm.

  3. I was just searching the web for a nice mention or photo of the Brotherton and came across your blog. As a fellow English graduate (’06), I was also excited to see the department at the top! The Brotherton is such a beautiful building and it was a truly special place to study – even in the dark days of revision. I’d give my left arm for it to be on my doorstep again (and wherever I go!).

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