Chapter five, that is. At least for now. The conclusion is still a bit hazy, but it’s better. Much better. I also wrote a third of my conference paper last night. Work on the conference paper is reserved for evenings. (Goal – to finish it early so I have time to rehearse it. I’ve done enough unrehearsed conference papers for the year.) During the day, I am going to make spectacular progress on my introduction, so I have something to show by the end of the week. Go, go, go!

(And the sun is gleaming in the cool bright air and the sky is fiercely blue, and although the trees are mostly green, I am reminded that autumn days are prettier than summer days, prettier by far.)


2 thoughts on “Done

  1. The most important thing is to time yourself so you don’t go over time. Twenty minutes works out at between 2000 and 2500 words, depending on how fast you speak (about five pages, 1.5 spaced.) It can also help to read it out to someone else. I think the most important thing about a conference paper is to be coherent – what’s the point of speaking for twenty minutes if no one can remember it afterwards? Good luck! Also you should probably use either handouts or slides/powerpoint for quotes.

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