Why you should all go to Austria

Update: This post is frequently in my top posts and has received more traffic than anything else I’ve written (a bit embarrassing for a bunch of holiday snaps), because a certain spammer keeps trying to leave links to his Austrian holiday apartment. Note to spammer: I have deleted your comment each time you have left it, and will continue to do so. There are thousands of cheap and comfortable holiday apartments in Austria, and I’m sure my readers can find their own if they ever intend to go… Oh, and if you want the real reason to visit Austria, go here.


I haven’t been much fun to be around lately. Irritable, panicky, emotional, distracted. Luckily the one person who has to put up with me is doing an okay job. So anyway, instead of complaining about how stressful this writing up business is or composing posts about how I can’t concentrate (er, didn’t actually write that post, just thought about it), I thought I’d inflict more photos of Austria on you. And explain why it really is one of the most relaxing and affordable places to go on holiday.

(I’m actually feeling quite a lot better now. I’ve made some steady writing progress over the weekend, and more is planned for this afternoon. And the weather has allowed cycling both days, which always cheers me up and calms me down. What’s not quite so cheering are the first yellow leaves on the birch trees. It’s not that time yet, is it? Anyway… )

Reasons to visit Austria.

1. Extremely cute cows.

With mohawks, and real cowbells, that jingle and jangle.

This one longed for a paraglider.

2. Flowers.

Overflowing all the balconies. These were at our guest-house. Which is another reason to visit, because the villages are stuffed full of bed and breakfasts and apartments for rent, at about 13 euros per person per night. Bit different to Norway…

3. Cakes and ice cream.

Yum yum yum yum yum. What can I say. The German and Italian tourists love it here. They do their walks in the morning, and then sit in the cafes all afternoon, indulging. Everybody is so happy you can’t help but smile. And if it rains, there’s always the indoor swimming pools and saunas. If Austrian food isn’t your thing, there’s seriously good pizza available. And cheap beer. And did I mention cake?


7 thoughts on “Why you should all go to Austria

  1. cool! have fun! Vienna is very pretty, though my man says the Viennese are very rude. but he’s german, and i think they’re most rude to the germans… this time we were just south of Innsbruck. i’ve only ever been to Vienna in the winter, when it was covered in two feet of snow. i bet it’s nice this time of year.

  2. Yes, I have been to Austria…but always when it is completely white, and all the cows packed away. In the Arlberg. Lech, St Anton, etc. Not a SPECK of green.

    I still thought it was lovely. And the cakes are year round.

  3. Austria’s so pretty. I last went there in 1994 just before my husband died. He desperately wanted to go before he died and we did. It was gorgeous. We went end August also so it was green and there were pretty cows. Switzerland has pretty cows with cow bells also.
    I think I must be due for another visit soon.

  4. I’m glad you’re having fun jonathan. *hides head in shame for casting unsubstantiated aspersions on the character of a city*

    fifi – i wish i could ski.

    Lizzie – thanks for sharing that. Austria must be such a special place for you now.

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