Other Days

All you really care about are clouds.

The way the ducks swim through them.

The way they’ll never fit on any screen.

The way they inkblot the harbour.

You’re sure if you climbed up there you’d touch them.

And you’d live there, after all.


5 thoughts on “Other Days

  1. It looks such a wonderful place. And the clouds are so lovely, I once painted a whole series of clouds in the sky. Constable did a fine job of that, in fact, the paintings of his that I find most interesting are his cloud studies rather than the landscapes.

  2. Wonderful wonderful clouds. I always think that there’s another land up there which mirrors ours, complete with mountains and inlets and peninsulas. Today our clouds are hanging low over the mountain tops and then there’s an expanse of blue and light feathery clouds floating high above and moving all the time.

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