A picture for the punters. It doesn’t really look like this at the moment – this was taken a couple of months back on an evening stroll with my Mum. May and June really are the prettiest months around here. In comparison, things are a bit worn and hazy right now. Walking back from the supermarket this afternoon, it was raining very finely, and the tall islands looked like whales in the mist. Sometimes, though, the reflections are uncanny:

You can see the fortress upside down from any angle you like. Cycling back the other night, the lakes shimmered every shade of pastel. In context, this is what you’re looking at:

Did another six hours today, and I really really think this chapter is on the brink of coming together. (Now I say six hours. But I sat at my desk in earnest at 9:30am and was still there at 9:30pm. Breaks for meals, waffles and grocery shopping. Keeping note of the actual time I spend working is enlightening indeed. And a couple of  those middle hours weren’t entirely free of digital daydreaming. But still.) The reason I resist structuring and clarifying is that it takes so long. But I teased out another structural issue, and I think everything is where it’s supposed to be now. It’s even giving me some ideas for my overall conclusion. I’ve printed out my new draft, and tomorrow I will suture up the gaps. I’ll polish it until it’s as clear as the river on a glassy spring morning. Or just about.


4 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. What beautiful photographs, the reflections are truly amazing. It reminds me of Ogwen Lake in Snowdonia. It you get that on the right day all the mountains are reflected in it, if there’s a slight breeze it disturbs the picture and you don’t get the reflection. I wish I had a picture to share with you.
    You’re really progressing with your thesis, I’m truly inspired by your diligence. Yesterday was a day of no work for me. I had my hair cut in the morning, then did the grocery shopping, went to see a friend who recently lost her husband, and then by the time I came back it was nearly tea-time, so I read the paper. Today I have pulled a few weeds out of the garden, checked e-mails, wrote some cheques and now I must get down to work. It’s a gorgeous day and I would really like to be out in the garden!
    Happy writing.

  2. don’t worry too much about it! some days a good for working, some days there are more important things…

    i miss york, cos when you sat in your room staring listlessly at your computer, you knew everyone else was doing the same thing, and at some point in the afternoon you’d be able to have a cup of tea together in the miniature kitchen… good luck for this afternoon – maybe we can still spur each other on at this distance!

  3. You’re right, it was good to have someone to talk to about good and bad days. Sometime I feel very isolated so far away from Swansea with no one on hand you understands what you do.

    Yes we will spur each other on as we’re both a long way from base now.

    Pouring with rain today, uuuugh! Very depressing. We’re supposed to go to a barbecue tonight but I don’t expect it’ll be on now.

    Take care

  4. The thing that strikes me about these amazing images is not just their astonishing symmetry, but the knowledge that there must not be one single breath of movement in the air.
    None at all.

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