Progress Notes

I started writing my ‘why the Middle Ages’ post but I’m too tired to finish it at the moment. Yesterday was not so good work-wise – was seriously frustrated with myself by the end of the day – but today I was back on track. The ideas are gelling and dancing in front of my eyes. Unfortunately this is not quite the same thing as slotting themselves into neat pages and paragraphs. But I guess it is a lot better than them not being there at all! Did another solid five and a half hours and was going to do more this evening but other things came up. Yet more customs issues to sort out (they want money. they’re not getting it). Being a foreigner is not always straightforward. We made waffles to cheer ourselves up. No cycling today but I’ve been sticking to four thirty k rides a week since I got here, and am up to 410k.

I guess these minute details of my painfully slow thesis-finishing don’t make for scintillating blogging, but it feels good to mark out my tiny steps forward. It gets dark earlier each day. I’m trying not to notice.


4 thoughts on “Progress Notes

  1. I think that this kind of marking out needs to get more airing. We tend to hear far more about binge writers, but it’s always framed as some kind of amazing feat of wonder, and the suggestion that people write like that every day, all the time. Maybe they do, I don’t know, there’s not much evidence to the contrary in the competitive world of academia.

    Anyway, if you sprinkle in a few of your gorgeous photos, that should satisfy everyone.

  2. thanks kirsty. yes i think the times i’ve managed sustained bursts of writing that bring all my ideas together and glitter in the sunlight have really been dependent on weeks of thinking and reading and looking out the window, when it felt like i wasn’t doing anything.

    the light isn’t good for photos right now. maybe i’ll dig some up from the archives…

  3. I love your blog and I’m really interested in your thesis. I started a course on Medieval History with the OU last year but had to stop because of a delibilating illness getting the better of me. However, this did not stop me from being interested in that era.

    I shall continue to read your blog on this subject and you never know I may go back and start studying again.


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