In Halden Right Now

Steamy warm days alternate with furious bursts of rain. Good thing too, because the trees by the river looked decidedly bedraggled the other day.

On sunny evenings at the harbour, even the ripples move slower than usual, and the golden light hazes up towards the outdoor tables of shrimp sandwiches and overpriced beer.

The locals are back from holiday, sporting unreal tans. In the mornings they eat breakfast on their boats. The children wear life-vests, and so do the dogs.

The path to the fortress is overgrown with weeds taller than I am.

The river-folk sit by the river all day – drinking and talking. I feel awkward walking past them. M says I can join them next year when I’m unemployed. Might not be so much fun in winter.

I wish I could understand the fragments of conversations. When anyone speaks to me, I nod and smile. We cycle, and program, and write.


3 thoughts on “In Halden Right Now

  1. Halden seems idyllic as usual. Steamy weather here as well, and torrential rain last week. Just took the dogs out for a walk and now Peg’s panting like mad because it’s close.
    Reading about the thesis progress it seemed a lot like mine. Had a really bad week last week when I couldn’t seem to read or write anything and consequently was cross with myself for wasting time.Hopefully I’ll buck my ideas up this week and get a lot done. I’m a slow starter in the mornings, hence I thought if I took the dogs out it might get me moving and give me energy. I wish I was a morning person and could get cracking early……however after all these years of trying I think I must be an evening person. I get more done in the afternoons.
    Good writing!!!

  2. So much to say about all this: but first the cake.
    It haunts me.

    Until I make and eat one I will be thinking of it endlessly.

    New place? i have wanted to come here myself, but am so terribly lazy. It looks nice here, even with no spots.

    And all the summer things in Halden, they sound so lovely.
    Here it’s good weather for reading and writing but alas, am getting none done.

  3. I hope you have a better working week this week Liz. Sometimes walks work wonders. And if you’re not a morning person, so be it!

    Yes do try the cake fifi, and if you do, let me know how you go – I wish I could make one for all of you but posting the recipe is the best I can do at the moment…

    I hope you find a spare moment to do the things you want…

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