Thought I’d show you some snow photos to match fifi’s. But this is summer snow! (From the week before last.) It was so thick on top of the mountains that we couldn’t cross the stream to continue the hike. (Didn’t trust the snow-bridge.) That’s one of the glacier arms wriggling its way down into the valley.

And that’s another shot of the glacier behind the stream and the snow-bridge. Underneath the snow were stepping stones, but we didn’t fancy tumbling down towards the waterfall. We were staying in cabins on the valley floor, and that night we saw (and heard – it was like thunder) an avalanche of snow tumbling down and blocking one of the smaller waterfalls. The stream on the valley floor radiated cold. It stayed light all night. This is a strange and dynamic landscape. You can’t imagine anything more beautiful, but neither can you quite relax.

Here we are half way up. Note my rosy cheeks – it was steep (M’s still trying not to smile on camera – I think he looks very nineteenth century). You can just see the bright blue fjord in the background. We couldn’t walk without pain for four days afterwards.

And that, my friends, is a farm. Yep, snuggled into the right hand side of the picture (small brown building with turf roof). Apparently they had to tether their children to stakes so they wouldn’t fall down into the fjord below.

And here’s the snow I promised you, on another mountain in Jotunheimen. Our shoes were pretty much like icy paddle-pools by this point. In other news, thesis introduction writing is going swimmingly. More on that next time I surface…


2 thoughts on “Slide-show

  1. Oh, my.
    That is extraordinary, all of it!

    Fancy us paddling around in snow simultaneously!
    It is so reassuring that it is icy there in summer. Very.

    So glad you didn’t cross the snowbridge, since they melt from below and you may have fallen into some endless crevice.

    And I think you all look very nineteenth century in the second last image trekikng across the snow in what initially looks like dresses. But are probably coats.

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