Very excited

This week, some old friends from Adelaide are visiting and we will take them up to the mountains. The same places we took the parents, but weeks have passed and seasons have shifted and it will be different.

Then I’m heading back to England, for two conferences. This in London, and this in Leeds. Here is my session. Very many wonderful people will be there. I can’t wait.

(To clarify: as I told my Mum on skype about the prospect of listening to a day’s worth of papers on Australian animals, M likened my enthusiasm to that of a child’s excitement about going to the zoo. Ahem.)

Then it’s straight back here for serious thesis writing, and unpacking of boxes which hopefully will have arrived by then.

Three people came for dinner last night. Between the five of us, we had strong connections to Norway, Germany, Australia, England, Poland, France, India and the USA. Fun. And we have been cycling, zooming past the lakes in the warm air. It is good to be here, good indeed.


3 thoughts on “Very excited

  1. Ha! I can think of nothing better than going to either of those conferences, so I would be wagging my tail too.

    well I guess cycling around Norway among purple flowers would be nice too.

    I notice someone from Sydney college of the arts is on at the same time as you. Taxidermy, interesting, I have a friend who is often putting stuffed animal specimens in his work.

  2. fifi – there was quite a bit of discussion about taxidermy (though obviously i missed the session that clashed with mine). interesting stuff.

    good luck cariel!

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