Exploding Brain

One month from now, Friday July 11, I will be sitting in Manchester airport, waiting to be called for boarding. All I will need to do is take one flight and two train rides to get home. It will be great.

My parents are here till Sunday. One lot of boxes went off yesterday, but I need to send another lot next week. This weekend, they’ll help me take some boxes of books to the second hand shop, and some stuff I don’t need to the tip. This is good. I’m not sure what to do with my desk and my office chair, don’t think they’ll fit in the car. The weekend after, with my housemate, I have to empty and clean this house completely as we are all moving out. M’s arriving on Saturday, and he’ll help me carry some stuff back to Norway on Tuesday. I then have one week in Halden. I’ll have to unpack everything. But I don’t suppose it will take all week. Then we are going back up north with some old friends of mine from Adelaide. I was so, so excited when I worked out I would be able to see them, but right now, it’s feeling like one thing too many. Five days later, on the way back, M will drop me off at the airport, and I fly back to London. I have a one day conference in London, and then a three day conference in Leeds. And then – bliss – an easy train ride to Manchester airport, and I’ll be on my way home.

And all this on top of the hectic month I’ve just had.

In between, I have to sort out five million other things: I need to review an article for a journal (why are they trusting me with this anyway?), find documentation to prove M and I lived together for two years before he moved to Norway, work out how to renew my Australian driver’s license, find accommodation for the London/Leeds trip I mentioned above, finish conference paper for said conferences (luckily I’m giving the same one at both), sort out funding and flights for another conference in September, work out what happened to my pay for teaching last semester, all that packing and cleaning, say goodbye to the lovely Leeds people… Oh, and what was the last thing? That’s right – THESIS. The one thing that’s causing all the little fuses in my brain to snap.

I guess the most important thing is to have a clear plan, and make sure I bring back to Halden with me everything I need. Do some thorough writing preparation, rather than writing as such. I miss the writing. I miss seeing progress. Can’t be helped. I have a whole clear day now, to begin to make a dent in this scary list. Lets go!

One month from now…

4 thoughts on “Exploding Brain

  1. Hi Mel,

    It’s funny what you fine when you do a random search on the internet just for the sake of it.

    I liked your Murray quote though.

    How long to you submit? Remember its a non-graded past


  2. hello old friend!!

    yeh having this blog is getting a bit scary – random family and friends keep mentioning that they read it, and i forget that it’s all in the public sphere. don’t think i’ve said anything too incriminating besides posting too many photos of myself grinning like an idiot…

    hmmm, due to current levels of unproductivity (understandable I suppose) i’m aiming for december. i really really hope i can have it done this year. final deadline isn’t till september next year, so it’s not the end of the world if it takes a little bit longer.

    i hope adelaide is treating you well and that mark and the kitties (i think i remember you got another one, might have invented that) are happy. must email soon.

    take care!
    mel x

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