Green Mist

After a spectacularly unproductive weekend, I’m going to pretend it’s not a bank holiday tomorrow and get all my marking done. After my great revelation on Friday my mind was in no fit state to do anything with it. So I’ve sent off the chapter, ragged ends and all, pretty confident that one more rewrite will get it in order. Agh! This thing is never ending.

Also proved to myself again that it doesn’t work to try to work every weekend. I’ve been doing that recently to make up for all the weekends I won’t be working in the near future, but that only succeeds up to a point. At least I’ve achieved temporary closure on Webb, and can get stuck into my next-worst chapter in a couple of days time. Marking first though. Have to get this off my back.

It stopped raining for long enough this afternoon for me to go out and check on the progress of all the little leaves. But oh how I long for summer. My bed-time reading at the moment is Willa Cather’s My Antonia, and her descriptions of sunshine on the red grass of the prairie are exactly what I need. But good things are on the horizon. Good things indeed.


4 thoughts on “Green Mist

  1. Me too, a spectacularly unproductive weekend and now I’m feeling guilty because I have wasted so much time just ‘being’. The sun is shining and I’d love to go out, the garden beckons, the dogs are restless and the swifts have returned and are whizzing about overhead. This sudden advent of early summer is almost too much to bear. I read all Willa Cather’s books when I was a teenager and loved them. x

  2. You must be excited about the spring weather!
    I’m wondering whther its just me , or is it really so hot here? Its such a sunny blue day. and quite green too.

    I have a few things to write, so I must organise myself. And more than a few things to paint, which sometimes deadens my writing brain, or at least uses up too much brainspace.

    I am going to do the Meli trick tonight and make a map with sticky notes. I wish I knew more and had to look up less.

    Do you ever see Robins? We have a current obsession with Robin eggs in the studio. They are the most astonishing aqua colour.

  3. hmmm, not sure about the robins, tho’ i’ve probably seen some… i see lots of funny blackbirds that like to hop along the ground very fast. they can fly but like hopping best, their faces reaching forward, streamlined… and shy grey squirrels.

    good luck with your paintings and your notes! no shame in looking things up…

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