Speaking of Green…

Yep, it’s pretty green round here right now. A sort of scraggly, mossy green – not all the trees have leaves yet – but it’s beginning to fill in. Every time I go to the park near my house, some small thing is different.

Time feels like it’s passing so quickly at the moment. I fight a battle with my chapter every day, and at the end of each day it feels like it’s defeated me, but I make a new assault each morning with fresh ammunition. And I’m gaining ground.

I teach my last class tomorrow. Then I just have to mark the essays, and I’m done.

And – I’m beginning to think about leaving. At the end of June, I’m moving to Norway. I’ll still be back here now and again until I hand in my thesis, but I won’t have a base here any more. I’m looking forward to it, but there’ll be things I miss, all the same. I’ve been based in the UK for nearly five years now. Maybe it’s time for a change.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Green…

  1. Dear Meli,

    What a lovely thing to be in England in Spring. Everything so subtle.

    Interseting to hear your slant on teaching. I have taught all my life, and till now have done very little research. I do love teaching, it feels so vital and grounding.

    Structuralism: i was taught in my postgard course by a very obtuse frenchman. I could barely understand him…I am now thinking, in my travels into writing and theory, whether i have the capacity to even take certain philosophies on board: my brain seems rather tired. I really could DO with the Frenchman! I really crave having someone to discuss things with my my life and schedule don’t allow it.

    How lovely to be looking ahead to Norway, though I shall miss your reports on York. Thats the thing I don’t like about here: if you move out of the big cities, your options are very limited.

    Take care, enjoy the last bit of your time there.

  2. thanks fifi! i’ll be back quite frequently anyway, until i’m well and truly done with the beast…

    i think most ‘theories’ are simpler than they sound, but the people who write about them like to use big words.

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