Happy birthday Mum!

It’s Mum’s birthday tomorrow. Which is almost today even in this part of the world, so it must be well on the way in Australia. I haven’t sent her anything, but maybe she’ll accept a slice of cake and a pitcher of Pimms in three weeks time – if the weather’s up to it! That’s her, in New Zealand, taking off…

More pictures here. We knew she’d love the view of the mountains from above just as much as we do. And here we both are, on a boat, about to discover a cave of the most amazing glow worms. Like galaxies underground. It was her idea to go. She’s good like that.

Sending you much love! Here’s to many more adventures, very soon….


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday Mum!

  1. Thanks Meli,
    Lot’s of great memories! The flying was extra special, and it’s good to relive it. I’ll take you up on the offer of the cake and Pimm’s in 2 (not 3!) weeks’ time too. Can’t wait!
    Had a great day yesterday, with dinner at the Lenzerheide at night with G, G, A, P and J. As always it feels like my birthday has gone on today too because of the holiday; with a birthday breakfast at the Organic Cafe in Stirling where the autumn leaves glow brilliantly and a walk to the lower waterfall in the park this afternoon.
    See you soon, M

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