Making Spaces

When I wrote the mini-post Making Things a few days back, I had really intended to reflect upon all the other things we’ve been making. Chapters and muffins and chocolate puddings aside, we have been making spaces. Or, more precisely, making spaces for making things.

The magpies have made a rather impressive nest, toiling away through sleet and snow.

As well as programming a program to turn data into colourful graphs, Michael has made a collaboration room. His workplace is stuffed full of uncomfortable meeting rooms, but had no space to do collaborative work on research projects, or analyze dvds from experiments, or discuss plans in an informal environment. So he fixed it. To get everyone on side, he made some 3D models of the proposed room. These are seriously cool, and you can move about in them and populate them with people. Here are some stills:

In order to make the space for making things, he had to make some virtual space first. And when they said, yes, okay, that does sound sensible, we drove up to Ikea and spent the weekend putting it together. Now look at it!

All the meeting rooms have names from Norse mythology. This room’s called Åsgard right now, but he thinks it needs a new name: Ginnungagap.

We also bought a new bookshelf for my office, to prepare for the influx of books and other bits when I move in here properly in July. Yes there are some similarities between the two spaces: we likes what we likes. It’s a bit messy at the moment but it will be great when populated with my books and my creatures. The futon is at the other end of the room. There are also wardrobes stuffed full of kites and paragliders. I think I will be able to finish my phd in this space.

Today my blog is one year old. This is a space for making things too. And for collecting seasons from three continents. It has been all I wished for and more.

Also today, a long way away, my gorgeous cousin married his gorgeous girl. We ate pizza in their honour (rumour has it seriously good pizza was to be served at their reception). I was sad to miss it, and wish them all the best! A good day for all.


4 thoughts on “Making Spaces

  1. Seriously good pizza was served, amongst other seriously good food, and all had a wonderful time dancing the night away!
    The collaboration room looks great and I think the proposed name is very apt and should inspire some serious, as well as hopefully lighthearted creativity! (Creativity usually works best when there is some lightness thrown in don’t you think?)Hope the Halden researchers approve of the name change and think so too.

  2. Our blogs must be about the same age old.

    A great post as usual. Soon there will be chicks in that lovely nest of sticks in the first photo!.

    I am very impressed with the collaboration room!

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