Today I gave into a serious cake craving and made some of these. Bleh. Horrible things. Tasted like sour Yorkshire pudding. Not that I have anything against Yorkshire pudding, in its proper context.

In other news, writing is going well. Sitting at the desk all day, one sentence at a time, begins to make headway in the end. In the evenings we’ve been watching lots of Inspector Morse, including the final tragic episode that left us still feeling sad the morning after. And my cousin is the only person I know who’d resign his job as an April fools’ trick.


4 thoughts on “Cakes

  1. Thats quite an April Fools day trick! Sorry to hear about your cakes, you should see my latest! Hope alls well in one sentence at a time land x

  2. Oh Mel, healthy cake hmmm a contradiction in terms. Better luck next time. Richard is very courageous to pull an April fool like that, it was very convincing. Glad to hear he’s still got a job though.
    Hooray for good yorkshire pudding!

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