Daffodil Hunting

Daffodil with students

I had the nicest dream this morning, just before I woke up. I dreamed that someone wanted to publish my novel. In fact – they had already published it, and I held it in my hands. I have actually dreamed this before, more than once. But never before was the dream accompanied by such a feeling of bright sweetness, which did not fade with the day. One day, maybe.

It was probably because I have been reading blog posts about other people’s books being published. And also because last night, for the first time, I piled up all the sections of my thesis, and held the wad of paper in my hands. And hugged it. It is scruffy and covered in notes. But it is a hellova lot of paper! This is exciting but also slightly daunting – all that will need checking, and some of it needs rewriting. But mostly it is exciting. It seems faintly ridiculous – I can’t believe that I have come this far and am actually going to achieve this thing! I will try to keep this feeling of sweet wonder alive, and tap into it when I need encouraging.

Today in my class we discussed Breton lais. The students seemed to like them. I didn’t ride my bike in due to the wind (70kph, says the weatherpixie). Walking home, through swirling eddies of rubbish and the frizzled remains of autumn leaves, I was glad. The wind roared like a low aeroplane. The trees staggered like drunks. I’ll be catching the bus to my dance class.

Daffodils and teapots


4 thoughts on “Daffodil Hunting

  1. Have you written a novel AND a thesis?

    Or is the novel your thesis, or your thesis a novel?

    I always thought it was about aust. medievalism in the manner of a usual thesis?
    I am very excited about you finishing it too!

    Splendid daffodils.

  2. yeah both. completely different things. but obviously connected in my subconscious mind. finished the novel as i was beginning the thesis. think i might have to get back to the novel once i have finished the thesis and smooth out some flaws….

  3. heh. not all the time! which is why i make an effort to record it when i am… i think i’m especially excited now because i felt so flat about it for about a year, and now the end is in sight… (yeah, and endlessly receding, like climbing a mountain). hope the soaking went well!

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