The last day of January

Eee, just look at that weather. That stuff can’t decide if it’s rain or hail or snow. Even leeds-girl has her coat out. All that and seriously windy too. Roar down the side-streets, rattle the windows, wail in the chimney, shake you off your bike windy. And I cycled all the way to uni and back again.


2 thoughts on “The last day of January

  1. It’s a wonder you weren’t left sailing above the rooftops like Mary Poppins. We had a wild day here as well with hail and snow etc. Bit of sunshine today but I’m sure it won’t last it’s very cloudy over the mountains. Wind’s dropped now thankfully

  2. I don’t think the wind will ever drop here. Apparently it was horribly windy all the time I was in Norway. Heh. It’s marginal cycling weather, but definitely not flying weather.

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