Just as I got settled…

I got back Tuesday. I recovered from jetlag. I went to a gym induction and booked into dance classes. I made an admirable start to my less chocolate more vegetable (and more variety) new year eating regime. It’s all about sustainability, I decided. The grey stopped getting me down. Cycling to uni on the icy streets, past frosted grass and bare trees cloaked in mist started to be fun. I confronted the dread of my tangled chapter, and faced up admirably to the recurring doubts which are surely part and parcel to a phd. I vowed to stay in the same country for at least two months (novel thought I know). And then – I realised seminar teaching didn’t start for two and a half weeks. And there was a cheap ticket to Norway. This afternoon…


4 thoughts on “Just as I got settled…

  1. meli,

    what is it really like, returning to the grey when you have been here in summer? It must be a shock, tempreature wise to go from 40 C to 10 C.

    Do people get depressed in the winter there, do you think? australians especially?
    just wondering, thats all.

    I have only done it in reverse and arriving here is a shock after northern winters.

    have fun in Norway!

  2. hmmm. england’s ok, due to modern luxuries like gas central heating. norway, however… not so bad now we’ve located some firewood. but we’ve both got horrible colds.

    the first winter i had in the uk was awful. i thought it would never end. it begins in november and lasts till the end of march. not nice.

  3. Mel you’re incorrigible, but I can understand your desire to vist Norway and the lovely Michael. Anyway winters there are crisper and snowy not miserable and wet and dark. A note for Fifi, yes we do get miserable and depressed in the winter especially here in North Wales where it rains incessantly. Happy New Year, just got back from Carcassonne in the South of France which was cool but not as miserable as here.

  4. well I hope the both of you are cheerful nonetheless.
    I always like being there because I don’t have to screw up my face from the glare.

    (Elizabeth, I dream of going to Wales. One day.)

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