Queenstown paragliding

A lot has happened in a week. A lot of miles covered. A lot of time spent in the air. But here is the best bit.

Sorting the lines.

Ready to launch.

A few steps, the glider surges above me, and I’m off.

I find a thermal, and soon I’m above the launch, soaring next to the rocky, intricate peaks of the mountains. All by myself. I’m up for an hour. The glider turns beautifully. I love it up there. I remain inordinately pleased with myself for days.


4 thoughts on “Queenstown paragliding

  1. Given the size of that huge pack on your back, I’m surprised you manage to get airborne at all…
    Had I not now known you were taller than I ever imagined…I would have wondered how you carried such a big bag.

    What a lovely adventure.
    happy soaring and welcome home to the southern hemisphere.

  2. I really admire you for doing that, itmust be a wonderful feeling soaring above the earth like a cruising bird. I never realised that you could stay up so long, I always thought that each flight was over very quickly. It must be so peaceful just floating on the air currents

  3. yep, if you get in the right sort of air you can stay up for ages. the pack is just a harness – mainly air, turns into a seat as soon as you take off. and as we now have our licences and equipment, it doesn’t cost us anything to fly!! though we gave mum a tandem flight in queenstown as her christmas present (paid for someone else to fly with her, i mean, we aren’t that qualified yet!) she loved it. heading off now to check out the flying possibilities along the coast south of adelaide… fingers crossed!

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