And did I mention green beer?


4 thoughts on “And did I mention green beer?

  1. Oh disgusting!! I hate beer, just can’t drink the stuff, so green beer holds even less appeal (if that’s possible). great photo though!

    Thanks Meli for commenting on my blog. Hope you’re having a good day 🙂

  2. Yet another soulful picture of Mel. I reckon you want to be a model.
    The drink looks rather a disgusting colour though, whatever does it taste like? What’s it made of to make it green like that?

    You’re obviously having a good time in Germany!

  3. It’s actually not all that bad. You start with lager and add syrup made of Galium odoratum, aka Sweet Woodruff, or ‘Waldmeister’ in German. Quite refreshing. And not normally radioactive, though you never know. Also available in red.

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