Do I look like a sailor?

Norwegian man: Excuse me, are you English?

Meli: More or less. (I’ve finally tired of my usual oh I live in two countries but I’m from another one.)

NM: That means no. Are you Australian?

M: Yes, that’s right.

NM: Is that your boat?

M: Er, no.

NM: I thought you were a sailor. I was going to ask how the voyage was.

M: Oh.

Maybe it was the hat.

5 thoughts on “Do I look like a sailor?

  1. Hello Meli, thank you for your response to my random question; even more so because it has lead me here. I am having a treat puddling about in your world.

    The cobblestones picture from the 5th October post The phd chugs along intrigues me deeply and inspires me as I set out on writing my 3rd book – do you mind that I see it as a great view from a a gate in a certain city in the Half-Continent? May I be inspired by your work thus?

    May your thesis be that tightly coiled snake that awes its moderator to revential respect.

  2. third cat: glad you like them. i wondered if i was overdoing the halden photos, but i am leaving today and not coming back for ages, and the autumn has been so pretty here.

    dmc: you’re very welcome! not that there is some rule saying that imaginary worlds can’t prey on the real one in any way they see fit, but thanks for letting me know. those copper cobblestones really do belong somewhere magical. by the way we have a mutual friend – a certain adelaide poet who’s been unwell but is on the mend now. good luck with the book – i’m looking forward to it. đŸ™‚

  3. Well blow me down, we do indeed! No one is far from anyone when you come from li’l ol’ Adelaide! What a great connection to make. I need to get in touch with that “certain poet” (whose work is astounding)and find out just how he is doing as of right now.

    Thank you for your permission, too, to use your work for my inspiration.

    … oh and it is meant to say “reverential” in that last sentence of my previous comment *blushes*

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