Six Months Today

My blog is six months old! How to celebrate? When I began this blog, I walked along the river and thought about light. The ice was cracking and melting on the lakes. These days the lakes glow a curious toothpaste blue, which I suppose means they’re thinking about freezing again. When I began, the trees were bare, and now they are brittle and golden. We lit the fire for the first time this week. When I ride my bike, the cold bites my hands and my throat. Even sitting at my desk, my nose is an ice block by the end of the day. Soon the nights will close in. These northern seasons never cease to fascinate me.


6 thoughts on “Six Months Today

  1. Lovely photos, beautiful reflections…
    It was interesting to go back to your first post, which I also loved and smiled at on first reading. What a theme light has been in your writing. So many of your photos since have given glimpses through your eyes of the northern light polishing things. The rosy glow on the cobbles of the fort from the other night come particularly to mind.

  2. How beautiful, as usual.
    I hope to go to Norway one day, thanks to your lovely words and pictures.

    I was hoping for a similar light here, but it seems to be rainy here in St petersburg. Never mind, rain is a novelty.

    It seems so much more..maritime, and Baltic, if that makes sense. So much more a sea-town. I am continually astonished…and surprised at how overwhelming the loss of language is….

  3. Thanks guys!
    fifi- I envy your time in St Petersburg. It rains here sometimes too, I just don’t take photos those days. 🙂 Not nearly as often as it rains in England, though.

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