And you say I’m absent minded?

me: Um, my library card isn’t working on the machines. It’s a temporary library card, cos I left my wallet in America. But they’re posting it back to me.

man at desk: Right. Ok. It’s probably overriding, but we’ll have a look. What’s your home address?

me: Um, Oatland road.

man: No, your home home.

me: Oh. Australia. Belair. But that’s not really home…

man: Yes, definitely overriding. Just wanted to make sure we had the right person. Did you get your Australian drivers licence back yet?

me: No – er – I left it all in America, they’re sending it to me.

He looks at me quizzically, and then at the computer screen. I realise there’s a record of when I left my Australian drivers license in a photocopier three months ago. I blush.

me: Oh, I mean, yes, I got it back that time.


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