Just when I thought all hope was lost…

After two weeks of misery, and 7kg thinner, I’m getting better.

Today I ate 3/4 of a banana, a spoonful of yoghurt, 8 smilies, a small bowl of peas, and a piece of bread with honey. Proper Norwegian bread, not their weird toast. This is serious progress. It’s all stayed down. And I haven’t even eaten dinner yet. I have plans for dinner: mushroom omelette, bread, salad. Hurrah.

This morning I went for a short walk to the harbour, along the river, and nearly died. Going up the footbridge was almost too much for me. The only other people around were my grandparents’ age. I knew how they felt. This week the lovie has kindly informed me that I’ve been looking like his grandma one month before she died. He even acted it out for me.

But this afternoon, after the smilies, I climbed to the festning, where the heather is in bloom. And I was okay. Things are looking up.


6 thoughts on “Just when I thought all hope was lost…

  1. Hooray Meli, I’m so glad you’re feeling better even though you feel weak. That was a very severe tummy bug but it’s almost over now. You just have to get stronger now and enjoy the things you are able to eat safely. Lots of love

  2. Thanks for the thoughts all! I am very very relieved. And happy. Just in time… And never ever in my whole life do I eat dodgy looking fried potatoes in a German service station ever again.

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