I am in Germany, hooray!! And it actually feels like summer over here. We have a couple more days here before we head down south to try some paragliding (fingers crossed for the weather). Very excitingly, my new paraglider has arrived (I traded in my old Fides for an Atis, which has a better weight range for me and is a bit zippier). Can’t wait to try it out!

Here’s the lovie with his beloved Strolch, in a rare moment when Strolch is appearing to sit still. Unfortunatly his affection is not reciprocated. I think Strolch is probably still traumatised from all the attention he got at Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Kassel

  1. My rellies in Germany keep sending me pictures of swans and gardens bursting with peigreed flower beds…and here you are amongst it all…
    summer at last!!

    wishing you lots of sunshine and updrafts…

    ps, I loved that last post of yours and had about a millions responses to it in my head, about dreams coming true, and about wonderful things happening…what a wonderful conference, well done for presenting (and being acknowledged by others.)

    fly high!!!

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