Brown Cheese

The Norwegian guidebook has some very rude things to say about the ‘unappetising caramel colour’ of this stuff, but I think it’s one of the best things about Norway. Not everyone agrees – the lovie can’t stand it. Made with a mix of cows’ and goats’ milk, brown cheese is sweet. Yep. Which makes it perfect on good bread with honey or jam. There’s actually lots of different kinds – you can get it made purely of goats’ milk, which makes it quite pungent, or just of cows’ milk, which is even sweeter. After extensive research, I have decided that this variety is the best. To begin with I accidentally bought the reduced fat version, which is not nearly as creamy – bad. The Norwegians traditionally eat this stuff for breakfast, and I am happy to follow suit. Half the fun is slicing it up with the cheese slicer – essential.


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