Our newest toy

The very clever lovie has found these beauties. They pump up in five minutes, and then you’re away! They’re called dive-yaks, and are made so that you can paddle out to a spot and then go diving, something we won’t be trying. But they work just fine for paddling around.

This lake is a popular bathing spot for Halden residents – there were lots of kiddies paddling around. We saw ducklings, and a baby seagull chick on a rocky island. Its parents weren’t too pleased when we tried to take a closer look. And we saw waterlillies, up close.


5 thoughts on “Our newest toy

  1. How fantastic!

    what a genius idea for a boat…you could carry it anywhere. Gosh those norwegians are clever.

    What’s the water like? did you go in? looked pretty good.

  2. Hihi! The water looked nice but we didn’t go in. I can’t find my swimsuit (story of my life – not finding things) and I didn’t want to frighten the natives.

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