Happy Birthday to Me!

Thank you everyone for all the good wishes (due to my mother’s clever ploy of wishing me happy birthday a day early)! The sun is shining its little head off and the sky is blue, and a birthday in mid-summer is a wonderful thing. Makes a change from my wintry June birthdays in Australia. Michael’s parents sent me a singing box stuffed full of German chocolaty goodness. Yep. The box sings happy birthday. It’s light activated, and woke us up this morning around five.

Apart from that, I’m getting used to being 28. Sounds serious, though I know that due to my round face and youthful demeanour I can pass for 22. I think this will be a good year. If I finish my chapter segment I might even bake a cake.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Happy Birthday! Sorry I can’t add the music so it plays as you read this… Like the dress! Have a lovely day and a happy celebration tonight. It was lovely to speak to you a moment ago too.

  2. Hey Happy Birthday Mel for yesterday. You have the same birthday as my granddaughter Hannah.
    Hope you had a wicked birthday and lots of good things.

    Lots of love

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