Snuggle Car Test Run

Last night we drove the snuggle-car down to the lake. We want to take it camping next weekend, and it’s finally ready! Very exciting. Tonight we rode our bikes down there – 30k. Couldn’t keep up with the lovie, need to get faster.


5 thoughts on “Snuggle Car Test Run

  1. Hi Mel,
    This is to say Happy Happy Birthday for tomorrow! and have a great weekend camping. It must be fun to have wheels and be able to explore now. It looks like the weather is pretty sunny and warm too. Hope it stays that way for you. Will be thinking of you both.

  2. Yes, the snuggle-car is a wonderful thing! These vans are very very popular over here, they’re called varebils, and seem to comprise at least a quarter of the cars on the road (it’s partly a tax-evasion ploy, the exorbitant norwegian road-tax is slightly less for these beasts). But we like ours for other reasons. 🙂

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