Happy Vic

Here is my housemate Vic, celebrating handing in her masters dissertation, just over a week ago. Hooray!!! I’m sure she’s still smiling. She did a masters in postcolonial literature, and her dissertation was on two feminist Maltese writers (a novelist, Lou Drofenik, a Maltese-Australian, and a poet, Maria Grech Ganado). Vic comes from Malta. It was really fascinating – feminism seems to have arrived in Malta a lot later than in the rest of the world, and how these Maltese women engage with their Catholic heritage is really interesting. Anyway… I have loved living with Vic – her enthusiasm, passion and dedication is inspiring. She did her masters part-time over two years, while she worked full-time. I want to wish her a fun last few months in England, and I’m slightly envious that she’s heading home to a warm, sunshiny, seaside country soon.


2 thoughts on “Happy Vic

  1. Hi Mel!

    Of course I don’t mind you posting a pic of me! Thanks for the very flattering description of me… you’re very sweet and like to highlight the best in everyone. Thanks again for your support! And just for the record, the poet’s name is Maria Grech Ganado. Hope Norway is ok! xxxx

    Thanks Fifi for the congrats!

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