After a year of living together and not seeing each other much, we have decided to be sociable. It’s fun! Last Sunday Em (aka Domestic Goddess) cooked dinner and tonight I did. Moroccan vegetable tagine – yum! See how amenable they all are to becoming characters in my story?



Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess’s boyfriend

Guess who

The wine worked its wonders and by the end of the evening we were singing Duck songs. Any we could remember. I sang Schnappi too. I like Schnappi.


3 thoughts on “Dinner

  1. oh helloo, that looks delicious and extremely civilised, all at the table with cutlery. And singing too.,fabulous.
    As long as it didnt degenerate into the chicken dance…

    thanks for pointing out the comments thing, you were right.
    My apologies or the very inexpertly completed homework, I am rather a technofailure.

  2. Mmmm… tagine… my New Year’s resolution for 2007 was to learn to cook vegetarian meals (I’ve had moderate success!) One thing that I love about cooking with fresh veggies, fruit, beans, and herbs is that you can end up with a dish that’s so full of bright colors and different textures. And then I don’t want to ruin the effect by eating it!

  3. Hooray for veggies! Glad the cooking’s going well, Ilse. Don’t worry about the comments thing fifi – it’s happening to lots of people at the moment.

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