Happy Norway Day!

Today is Norway’s national day. They all dress up in traditional costumes, go on parades, and wave lots of flags. I bet the sun’s even shining. But I’m in Leeds. And M can’t even take any pictures, because, kind boyfriend that he is, he lent me the camera. So – happy Norway day! This is the best duck-girl and her friends can do.

5 thoughts on “Happy Norway Day!

  1. hello duck girl, and happy norway day to you too! you look cute! hope you are wearing the hat around town and uni, to fly the norwegian colours.

  2. So, Norway Day.
    What can i do to celebrate Norway day, I wonder?

    *OH* I know, I am wearing blue today, and if I open a bottle of cab.sav, theres the red.
    Red and blue.

    happy Norway Day.

    Dont have one of those patriotic bonnets, more’s the pity.

  3. rain rain rain — all 3 of your weather pixies have their umbrellas out (that said, leeds girl soaked, probably not such a bad thing hihi 😉 so just keep raining as long as it’s *glorious* when i get to england next weekend!!

  4. Happy belated Norway Day!

    Thank you for your earlier comment awhile ago, I’ll be doing an interdisciplinary MA in Medieval Studies at York next fall. I’d much appreciate any insider information you can give as I have never visited there before. I’m actually applying for housing at Constantine House, and really looking forward to staying there if it all works out. Any tips you could give would be great! 🙂

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