Meet Mr Cat

Mr Cat lives next door, but we love him best. As far as he’s concerned, the street belongs to him – he’s the king of the courtyards. Mr Cat has many names, but none of them do him justice: Dipstick, Stumpy, Tripod. How undignified. Mr Cat is the perfect gentleman. He wears his suit and tails in style – down to his white gloves, his moon-green eyes, and his white-tipped tail. He’s missing his left hind-leg, but that doesn’t stop him – he can climb the stairs in a flash. His proudest moments include depositing a mouse first in our kitchen, and then in our bedroom. He jumped in my window the first night I slept in my room, and many since. He likes tuna, thick duvets, corners and high places. He knows how to get what he wants. Here he is with my housemate Vic and me, a little weary of our enthusiasm.


2 thoughts on “Meet Mr Cat

  1. Now I know where the weatherpixie’s cat went for the last few days! He disappeared from Adelaide, with a quick trip to the hairdresser for a colour change and has turned up in Leeds with you. Great photo of you and the gentleman Cat

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