Worlds within worlds

This is a photo of the pin-up board above my desk. It’s a collage of places, people and images that mean things to me: Australia, England, Europe; flight, dreams, creatures, stories. Some of them are gifts, some of them I’ve collected on my travels. In the right hand corner is an echidna painted by a French explorer in the early nineteenth century. It’s a birthday card from a friend. Above it is a stained glass window of the Canterbury pilgrims, which I bought in Canterbury Cathedral when I first arrived in England nearly four years ago. In the middle, I’m launching my paraglider – the most amazing feeling. Second from the left at the bottom, is a painting of Kandinsky’s bedroom. I saw this at a Van Gogh exhibition in Melbourne when I was fourteen (it was next to a painting of Van Gogh’s bedroom). I just loved it: the colours, the light, the cheerfulness and practicality of the room, the thought of Kandinsky sitting there, calm and happy, painting it. I bought a postcard, and when I got home I made an enlarged copy of it with coloured pencils. It took hours. I don’t have it any more, but I can remember the feeling of colouring every brush-stroke, every shadow, the weight of the pencils on the paper.

I like the idea of artists painting their bedrooms. Here is my bedroom:

It’s perfect, except when the neighbours play loud music or yell at their toddler. It feels good to put pictures of it here – another little piece of my world. This blog is becoming a bit like my pin-up board – a collage of disparate elements placed alongside each other. It’s not always easy to leave bits of yourself all over the world. But look – they’re all here.


2 thoughts on “Worlds within worlds

  1. Helloi lovie! Just a little message to cheer you up. The room looks very bright and colourful, and I hope there are still enough lamps to make it cheerful at night. So all set for snuggling in and reading your novels, and having cups of tea without sneers from the Michael. Hihi. Bra bra bra, or however you say ‘have a good time’ in Norwegian 😉 All the best from the Lovie.

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