England’s green and pleasant land

Got back to Leeds today. It’s always a bit of an anti-climax, but I’m sure I’ll survive. The train ride from Manchester was beautiful though. Whenever I come back to England from Europe I’m struck by how lovely and how appealingly English England is. Especially so in May, with the fat, fluffy trees like something out of Legoland, the green fields interspersed with bright yellow fields of canola seed, the hedgerows blooming, and the stone walls meandering over the landscape. I seem to have a penchant for national theme tunes at the moment, and I couldn’t help but hum ‘Jerusalem’ as I sped along in the train (in the tunnels in Norway, it was ‘The hall of the mountain king’). The odd birch tree looked rather pale and thin beside the blooming crests of the other trees. I took a photo of the huge chestnut tree outside the English department.

If only the rest of Leeds was so green! This was just before I ducked into the cramped, sweaty student gym to work off some of that German chocolate. My heart wasn’t really in it, though, so when I got home I took a picture of my new socks. These never fail to cheer me up.


5 thoughts on “England’s green and pleasant land

  1. Yes, I miss the “Englishness” of York… those open fields and rock walls that you get to see from the train window. And eating ice cream on the lawn of the Minster. Good times!

  2. That must have been fun. It’s a very cool tune! Yesterday was definitely an icecream-at-the-minster day, sunshiny and warm. Now it’s just grey again.

  3. Welcome back to our green and pleaant land. There is no place quite as lovely as England at this time of year. Yesterday I took a walk by the sea and the wind was ruffling the waves and they were splashing up over the wall. The sun was gleaming over the Menai and the seagulls were sitting on the wall basking in the sunshine

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